[PL] The first Griffin last mile-locomotive for Lotos Kolej outshopped

  • This is the E4DCUd-001, the first Griffin locomotive for Lotos Kolej. The oil company has ordered five such 4-axle locomotives, to be leased from Newag, to be delivered this year.
The silver-blue E4DCUd-001 locomotive, captured today at PKP Intercity’s depot in Cracow. The locomotive has received several visual modifications, that make it look slightly different from the prototype. Photo: Andrzej Brzeźny.
The Griffin prototype locomotive at Trako 2013. Photo: Simon Wijnakker

The blue and silver machine you see in the picture is the first machine of this type to be built since the completion of the Griffin prototype locomotive from 2012. The green metallic machine, that was recently repainted in the corporate colors of Newag, was built as a multi system locomotive, the new one you see now is a DC only locomotive with last mile diesel module. We expect that it will be transported to the Polish test center at Żmigród, after the initial tests in Cracow have been completed.

The cab design of the new E4DCUd-001 is slightly different compared to the prototype. The headlights have a different shape, as do the front windows, cabin roofs and grips and power boxes on the front.

The first Griffin locomotive, built for Lotos Kolej, is being subjected to the first homologation tests at the PKP Intercity base in Cracow. Photo: Andrzej Brzeźny.