[BG] The Fighters have arrived: 192 961 & 193 972 of DMV Cargo Rail reach Bulgaria

After several days of transit, yesterday the black & red Vectrons of DMV Cargo Rail reached their final destination. One unit represents the 5.6MW version of the Siemens Vectron design (‘medium power’), the second one is a ‘high power’ 6.4MW machine.

Exactly 3.5 days. This is the time it took the DMV Vectrons to arrive from Germany to their new home in rainy Bulgaria. After their long journey across Europe, the “Fighters” are now stationed in the Express Service locomotive factory, near Ruse in Bulgaria and are awaiting the required preliminary procedures before entering into service.

192 961 is the second former Siemens test locomotive from class 192 that will enter revenue service in Bulgaria. 192 962 (now 80 962) has been working for PIMK Rail for two years now.

193 972 (Vectron no. 418), however, is a brand new unit and is set to provide extra power with its higher power output.

The expected new numbers of the units will be as follows:

  • Fighter 1: 80 961 (for 192 961)
  • Fighter 2: 81 972 (for 193 972)

They will initially be used for fuel transportation between the cities of Vratsa (DMV Cargo Rail HQ) and Varna on the Black Sea. The almost 500 km-long route features ascents up to 27 ‰. It is expected that the locomotives will enter revenue service within a month.

Update 15.03.2018: the video! enjoy: