[EU] In the picture: ELL’s 193 763 has left Bulgaria, where is it now?



Remember that special appearance of ELL’s Vectron 193 763 in Bulgaria? For a year the locomotive was used in Rail Cargo Carrier’s domestic traffic across the Balkan country. Now, the locomotive has a new workplace (and a new lessee).

As Rail Cargo Carrier Bulgaria got its ELL Smartron (and branded it with RCC logos), it was clear that the previously leased Vectron would become redundant. But gaps can be filled quickly in the loco market and now, the machine is being used by Austrian operator Frachtbahn.

The image below, courtesy of Matej Pleško, shows the loco in charge of an empty gas train from Germany to Hungary. It was taken between Parndorf and Zurndorf (AT) on the line Vienna – Hegyeshalom – Budapest:

193 763 ELL > Frachtbahn seen between Parndorf and Zurndorf (AT) 24.04.2022 © Matej Pleško

To find out why RCC BG needs an extra AC loco for its activities in Bulgaria, refer to our post below:

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And this is what its replacement, Smartron 80 063, looks like:

[BG] In the picture: Rail Cargo Carrier’s Smartron at work in Bulgaria