Siemens Desiro HC RRX

[DE] Siemens presents: the RRX prototype train, inside and outside

Okay, a little fantasy is still required. During the press presentation of the first Desiro High Capacity for the ‘Rhein Ruhr Express’ (RRX) on 12.07.2017, the seats were still covered […]

[DE] RRX intermediate coaches arrive at Wegberg-Wildenrath

These images show you the arrival of two intermediate cars for a Desiro High Capacity (HC) train that Siemens is currently building for the Ruhr area – see Rhein-Ruhr-Express (RRX). […]

[DE] Arriving in 2017: The first Desiro HC for the Rhine-Ruhr express network

On March 26 2015, the municipalities of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan commonly awarded Siemens with the contracts to supply 82 electric multiple units of the type Desiro “High Capacity” (HC) and to provide […]