[DE] This is the first Desiro HC car for RRX

This year, the first RRX trains will come out of the Siemens factory in Krefeld. On 31.03.2017 local media en representatives of Nordrhein-Westfalen were able to have a first look at the new trains, currently under construction. Outside, Siemens presented one driving trailer, with a complete exterior. Reportedly, the interior is still a jungle of cables. The toilet module is the first interior section that found its final place.

The exterior design nicely follows the design sketches we have seen before, no surprises here. Looking at the livery, we see a dark grey front, in stead of orange. All stickers are still missing, no logos and no class / facility icons.

Local media have made their first reports about the train: waz.de and wdr.de.