Siemens Vectron – Dual Mode

The Vectron Dual Mode has a 2.4 MW diesel engine, like the normal diesel version, but it is also capable of running under 15 kV AC catenary. This means that potential customers can save on diesel fuel and reduce the emissions of the locomotive in, for example, urban areas.

In both electric and diesel mode, the locomotive has a 2 MW available at wheel rim. The starting tractive effort is always 300 kN and the top speed 160 km/h. The locomotive can switch between the two modes while running. With a total length of 19,975 mm it is (almost) similar in length as the Vectron DE.

Vectron Dual Mode main characteristics:

  • Diesel engine power (at the crankshaft): 2,400 kW – As per UIC 623-2:2010
  • Voltage system: 15 kV / 16.7 Hz
  • Starting tractive effort: 300 kN
  • Traction power at the wheel rim: 2,000 kW
  • Electric braking effort: 150 kN
  • Electric braking power at the wheel rim: E-mode: 2,100 kW Diesel mode: 1,700 kW
  • Max. speed: 160 km/h
  • Wheelset arrangement: Bo’Bo’
  • Area of application: Freight transport
  • Vehicle length (length over buffers): 19,975 mm
  • Track gauge: 1,435 mm
  • Fuel tank volume (usable): 2,500 l
  • Wheel diameter: 1,100 mm new / 1,020 mm worn
  • Weight (max.): 90 t when fully loaded
  • Double traction: WTB ÖBB: with same-type vehicles as well as Vectron E, Vectron DE, and ER20
  • Train protection: PZB, ready for ETCS
  • Axle load: 22.5 t