[design] Northrail 248 066 in green for Wedler Franz Logistics [updated]


We haven’t shown you this green mean machine: 248 066 in pine tree colour promoting model train manufacturer Piko and ME Holz. The locomotive is operated by Wedler Franz Logistics (WFL), a company with various activities:

Update: we have added a new picture.

  • You can hire electric locomotives, diesel and steam locomotives, shunting and work train services;
  • Complete freight services: Last mile operation, construction site logistics, transfers, freight transport;
  • Special trips: Day trips with steam locomotives, historic passenger carriages, catered dining car;
  • Festivals & celebrations: Station festivals, club celebrations, open days, film and television productions, vehicle exhibitions

We know WFL best for its (classic) replacement trains in Germany when it steps in when other operators face a shortage of (new) passenger rolling stock.

Northrail > WFL 248 066 in Wustermark on 15.03.2024 © WFL Sonderzüge
Northrail > WFL 248 066 in Erfurt-Linderbach on 29.05.2024 © Jeffrey herzog