[locomotive] ERC’s Vectron in action: ex-ÖBB locos move to Sweden


We bring the newest developments on modern trains in Europe, but sometimes we’ll make an exception. ERC’s Vectron Dual Mode 248 039 was seen hauling seven ex-ÖBB class 1144 locomotives for a second life up north.

First to stick with the modern locomotive up front: Alpha trains > ERC.D 248 039 was delivered in July of 2023 and part of 2 batches of Vectron Dual Mode built for Alpha Trains during 2022/2023. Alpha Trains currently has eight such locomotives in its fleet.

Now, onto the oldies: Class 1044.0, built by SGP in the 1970s, was reconstructed to become class 1144. From 2018 onwards, the locomotives were starting to be retired at ÖBB, with some now being sold. The units seen here are being transported to Sweden, where they will find a new life with operator Grenland Rail. The ATC safety system will be equipped at Railcare’s Locomotive Workshop in Långsele.

Alpha Trains > ERC.D 248 039 was seen here hauling the seven locomotives to the shipping port of Rostock (DE) near Fürstenberg  (DE):

Alpha Trains > ERC.D 248 039 near Fürstenberg (DE) on 07.01.2024 © IG: Aufderschiene / Nordbahnzuege