[DE] IC Berlin: DB Fernverkehr prepares for NS Vectron takeover


In 2022, it was announced ELL/NS Vectrons would take over services on the Amsterdam – Berlin Intercity route after the timetable change in December 2023. With the deadline now coming nearer, training of German drivers is in full swing:

The main benefit of the Vectron takeover is the elimination of locomotive swaps at the border in Bad Bentheim (DE). This also means the last remaining NS class 1700 will retire, and less work will be available for the DB class 101s (some of which have been scrapped or sold already).

Even though the Vectron was initially limited to 100 km/h in the Netherlands due to its higher axle weight and unstable Dutch soil, faster speeds can still be reached with special measures. Over the last few months, dutch infrastructure manager ProRail has added 3622 sensors along the route, which measure any anomalies in the alignment of the tracks.

Currently, there are eight ELL Vectrons in NS design. ELL 193 934 is the newest addition, having recently been stickered in front of the public during the Raildays in the Netherlands.

Paderbahner caught another machines, one with a nice round number – below you see 193 500 testing with DB Fernverkehr personnel on the Hannover-Hameln-Altenbeken-Paderborn line on 21.09.2023:

ELL>NS 193 500 on driver training in Paderborn (DE) on 21.09.2023 © Paderbahner