[AT] Mozart is getting colours: update on the SETG Vectron “Mozart” livery

Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH (SETG) is known for its colorful liveries featuring famous personalities, animals, and history on their locomotives. One of them, celebrating Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, just got a colorful update.

SETG locomotives promote animals, such as the northern pike, the lynx, or the golden eagle, other celebrating famous historical people such as Beethoven, Doppler, Marco Polo, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The latter used to be very brownish, but this has changed.


ELL 193 204 with a black and white Mozart pulls container train to Hof on 29.10.2021 © Karl Stützner

The livery features the collage of Mozart’s birthplace – the city of Salzburg and its castle, the birth house of Mozart, and details of a piano. But now Mozart got a red coat, and his birth house is yellow. Fun to see is the yellow reaching to Mozart’s hair, which is also yellow now.


New and more colorful livery of ELL / SETG 193 204 near Ruppertsgrün on 13.05.2022 © Karl Stützner


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