[DE] Species: SETG’s latest Vectron, a tribute to the Northern Pike


There is something fishy about S Rail Deutschland’s Vectron 193 693. And we mean that in a good way! The locomotive just got a special design following the SETG visual guidelines. The chosen mascot this time is the Northern pike.

193 693 is one of three latest S Rail Vectrons that appeared on our radar recently. The loco is now wearing the standard SETG livery with a new, fishy highlight: a Northern pike. Last weekend, Thomas Girstenbrei caught the shiny machine at Bahnpark-Augsburg. The loco was spotted while being shunted:

S Rail 193 693 at Bahnpark-Augsburg (DE) 07.05.2022 © Thomas Girstenbrei

And also with its panto up (and lights on):

S Rail 193 693 at Bahnpark-Augsburg (DE) 07.05.2022 © Thomas Girstenbrei

One could also say this design is also educational as it brings an accurate description of the Esox lucius:

Typical for the pike is its slender build and its duckbill-shaped mouth. Its lightning-like movements make it the perfect predator. Freshwater waters of the northern hemisphere are its habitat. Here it prefers to move close to the shores of flowing waters, lakes, and larger ponds. Under favorable conditions, the pike can grow to 150 cm large.

We end this visual report with a picture featuring 193 693 next to V 1700.04, which is also owned by SETG:

S Rail 193 693 and V 1700.04 at Bahnpark-Augsburg (DE) 07.05.2022 © Thomas Girstenbrei

Curious about the remaining two Vectrons, 193 691 and 692? We’ve got you covered:

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