[AT] SETG refreshes its Doppler locomotive

In 2022, Mozart got some colour and this time Christian Doppler deserved an upgrade. SETG has refreshed the stickers on ELL locomotive 193 831. 

The sepia/brown stickers are gone – fresher colours have taken their place. You may not believe it, but 193 831 has been a ‘Christian Doppler’ locomotive since 2015.

The machine has been serving Austrian operator SETG since its delivery in July 2014. Initially, it was white, with green SETG logos, until it got a full SETG standard livery in August 2015.

Not only the side motifs were changed. The cabin roofs are dark grey now. We have seen this change on other SETG machines, it masks the dirt better.

ELL > SETG 193 831 in Kassel on 03.04.2023 © Christian Klotz
ELL > SETG 193 831 in Erfurt-Azmannsdorf on 26.04.2023 © Jeffrey Herzog