[DE] In the picture: The EuroDual for Captrain arrives in Germany [updated]

Railcolor News’ Expert subscribers got the scoop first. At the end of February, a EuroDual locomotive of Captrain was disembarked in the port of Hamburg. Now we bring you pictures of the journey towards its final destination: Captrain’s base in Pirna.

We thank Christoph Noack, Andrés Martinez, Florian Haensel and Sebastian Heilander for sharing their pictures with us. Thius article was first published on 06.03.2020 and updated on 12.03.2020.

On 01.03.2020, the 159 001 captured by Christoph Noack while passing through Dresden station as part of a Captrain freight service:

EuroDual 159 101 of Captrain on its way to Pirna, seen at Dresden station (DE) 01.03.2020 Photo credit: Christoph Noack

Only two days later, on 05.03.2020 the vehicle was spotted already in Pirna, where Captrain’s depot is based. And here’s the news, it was already sporting the operator’s logo on its sides:

EuroDual 159 101 of Captrain, seen stabled in Pirna (DE) 05.03.2020 Photo credit: Christoph Noack
159 001, with numbers and logos testing in Coswig – 12.03.2020 – Florian Haensel
159 001, with numbers and logos after a test run parked at Leipzig main station – 12.03.2020 – Sebastian Heilander

With all these preparations in place, and the EuroDual officially authorized for use in Germany for both HVLE and leasing company ELP (and its client HPPI), it seems that it is only a matter of weeks, if not days before we see the first silver-lime EuroDual entering service. Until then, we leave you with…

…a postcard from sunny Spain

A Captrain EuroDual is seen on the test track by the Stadler factory in Albuixech, Valencia (ES) Photo credit: Andrés Martinez

Meanwhile, in Albuixech near Valencia, Stadler is advancing its EuroDual production for Captrain. An unmarked unit was spotted on the test track just outside the factory on 27.02.2020 by Andrés Martinez.

How it’s made: The EuroDual

Oh, and by the way, our team at Railcolor News knows the Stadler factory near Valencia well. If you too would like to get acquainted with the EuroDual production process which takes place there, be sure to have a look at our Expert article which gives you an exclusive preview of the process, first-hand:

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