[DE] HVLE announces: EuroDual authorized in Germany [updated]

German operator HVLE has positive news for the fans of new powerful six-axle locomotives: EBA, the German national railway authority, has granted the Stadler Rail EuroDual authorization for operation in Germany. The decision was issued last Wednesday. 

Title picture by Wolfgang Scheer: HVLE EuroDual 002 in electric mode testing at Wegberg-Wildenrath – 10.09.2018

The news follows almost three years after HVLE and Stadler Rail announced a deal for the delivery of ten 6.15 MW (E) / 2.8 MW (D) locomotives. Back then, the companies stated that 2020 would be the first year of service, and they kept their word.

On 17.01.2020 HVLE announced its first train with EuroDual left Blankenburg: