[EU / Expert] Inside Stadler Valencia: The ELP EuroDual – video, construction, details

A unique opportunity: In November 2019 we got the chance to visit the Stadler Rail Albuixech locomotive works near Valencia in Spain. A sunny day, 23 degrees, sparkling white, brand new locomotives we simply could not resist, you understand.

Lease company ELP invited Railcolor News to have a close look at their newest locomotives, brand new Stadler Rail EuroDual locomotives: heavy beasts with 6 axles and 6.15 MW power rating, electric. These machines can switch effortlessly into diesel mode – a 2.8 MW Caterpillar diesel engine starts working, making them a worthy opponent (and replacement) of any heavy diesel locomotive in Europe.

This is a Railcolor News long-read: We take you on a tour inside the factory, showing the building process of the EuroDual. Extra: Ride along with us in a special video.

EuroDual 03 for ELP at Stadler’s plant in Albuixech, Valencia (ES) 26.11.2019 Copyright: Konstantin Planinski / BackOnTrack Studios

Two different products

And that is exactly the initial marketing for these new machines, now a niche product, however with the potential of revolutionizing the market for (heavy) freight transport on challenging routes. But before we go on, we need to clarify that Stadler Rail in Valencia is, in fact, developing not one but two different products for the European freight railway transport:

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