[DE] In the picture: Captrain’s EuroDual 159 101 in action [updated]

We mentioned its disembarkation, then it arrived in Pirna, and afterward, we saw it running as a light engine. But these six-axle beasts are made for hauling heavy freights, so now its time for some action-packed trainspotting.

This article was originally published on 27.03.2020 – and updated on 17.04.2020 (new picture added). We thank Edgar Kirsche (@eisenbahn_minuten) and Bastian Brattke (@schnellfahrstrecke) for sharing their pictures with us.

Update 17.04.2020

Time for a fresh update! While 159 102 is already in Germany,  159 102 is working hard. Sebastian Brattke brings us this nice view from Berlin Wuhlheide, showing the locomotive with a train from Berlin-Nordost to Mühlberg on 14.04.2020:

Captrain Deutschland’s 159 101 in Berlin Wuhlheide (DE) 14.04.2020 Photo credit: Bastian Brattke / @schnellfahrstrecke

Original article:

On 19.03.2020, Captrain’s EuroDual Number One – 159 101 – was spotted in Berlin Nordost with freight service DGS 99764 and no catenary above. That’s right, this calls for diesel power:

Captrain Deutschland’s 159 101 in Berlin Nordost (DE) 19.03.2020 Photo credit: Edgar Kirsche / @eisenbahn_minuten

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