[RO] In the picture: These are Mbs number 5 and 6 for Green Cargo

We recently delivered an Expert update regarding the  Transmontana project for Green Cargo. Now, we’re sharing pictures of the latest Transmontana electrics for Softronic’s client – Green Cargo. Their number has grown to a total of six!

Adrian Florin Tuca brings us this fresh photo and video update from Romania. Check out his YouTube channel for railway videos from his country.

Not long ago, we saw Transmontanas 3 and 4 for Green Cargo on their final test runs before being sent to Sweden. Now, its the third pair’s turn to enter the European modern locomotive scene:

480 042 and 480 043 in Constanța, Romania 06.12.2019 Photo: Adrian-Florin-Tuca

These are 480 042 and 043 respectively:


Time to see (and hear) them in action in a foggy night at Roșiori Nord station: