[DE] In the picture: The BaWü Mireo 463 008/508 on test [updated]

This article was originally published on 26.04.2019 and updated on 29.04.2019. We thank Roy Hameleers, René Hameleers for their contribution. Visit the Euro Rails website to see more of their work. And Achim Scheil was so kind to send the images made on 15.04.2019. We have also added a picture by Tobias Peters from 24.04.2019. Enjoy.

Siemens is introducing a new product for regional/suburban transport; the Mireo. The moment has come for the dynamic testing on Germany’s network to start. Unit 463 008 is the first one used in this process. The official authorization for Germany is important as Siemens has received multiple orders for the Mireo from German operators:

So Siemens has one year left to get the Mireo authorised and deliver it to its first customer. Last week the 463 008 was seen near the German-Dutch border, Herzogenrath. A picture report:

463 008 and the RADVE train (Dm +111 220 + Dm + Dm) in Rheydt on 15.04.2019 – Photo: Achim Scheil
463 008: the first meters under its own power – Rheydt – 15.04.2019 – Photo: Achim Scheil
Mireo 463 008/508 on tests in Herzogenrath (DE) 25.04.2019 Photo: René Hameleers


This article brings you a photo report of unit 463 008/508, as seen on 25.04.2019 in Herzogenrath (DE):

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The Mireo fleet for the Rhine Valley

So far, we have observed the following Mireo trainsets:

463 008 and the RADVE train (Dm +111 220 + Dm + Dm) in Rheydt on 15.04.2019 – Photo: Achim Scheil

Update 29.04.2019:

The bwegt Mireo driving a train with RailAdventure 111 215 at the back, seen on 24.04.19 in Herrath (DE) Photo: Tobias Peters