[DE] A first: a 120 series locomotive in open access operation [updated]

For the first time, a Deutsche Bahn 120 series locomotive has been sold for open-access operation. Nürnberger Leasing is the new owner of locomotive 120 201. After an overhaul in Rostock during the past weeks, the 201 was released on 06.11.2018. Bahnlogistik24 is the new lessee for this locomotive, that kept its ‘Verkehrsrot’ DB livery – only the DB logos were removed.

This article was first published on 12.11.2018 – and updated on 13.12.2018

Lease company Nürnberger Leasing is new to the market of leasing of rolling stock for railways. The company is known for its activities in the agricultural and medical business. A more extensive article, in German, can be read on logistik-express.com.

Locomotive 120 201 was built in 1987 and entered service as 120 116. It was renumbered after the machine was refitted for regional passenger services between Hamburg and Schwerin (Hanse Express). Deutsche Bahn is slowly but steadily withdrawing the 120 series locomotives –  the delivery of more ICE4 trains will speed up this process. According to Elektrolok.de, around 35 of the original 65 machines (prototypes + series) are still active.

Update 13.12.2018: we have visual:

Nürnberger Leasing 120 201 and 230 077 – both operated by BL24, with a freight train from the Czech Republic to Zeitz, in Leipzig-Althen on 08.12.2018 – Photo: Mathias Schrödter‎