[DE] This is ‘the Duisburg’ – SBB Cargo International presents the 193 463

Today was a special day. Today was a sunny day. SBB Cargo International gave all the opportunity to inspect one of its newest locomotives in Duisburg (DE). The local media, rail enthusiasts, the mayor of Duisburg, and to CEO of SBB Cargo International – all gathered to witness the presentation of locomotive 193 463 ‘Duisburg’.

Visible to all: the 193 463 parked near SBB Cargo International’s office in Duisburg
Many paid the locomotive a visit today and were able to take a look inside
The 193 463 ‘Duisburg’ is the third machine of its series and the first one that came to northern Germany. Photo: Henk Zwoferink
Mayor Manfred Osenger and SBBCI’s CEO Michail Stahlhut bring out a toast on the new locomotive. 193 461 = Olten, 193 462 = Gallarate and 193 463 the Duisburg
Every locomotive will have its own name, the locations are important locations along the north-south corridor on which these DE-AT-CH-IT equipped locomotives will operate
A very first N scale prototype model made its debut today in Duisburg
Simon Wijnakker from Railcolor Design is the designer of the new livery of the 18 Vectron locomotives for SBB Cargo International
The red front including a red painted frame section gives the locomotives presence – plus, red gives it access to Italy – not unimportant

After the event, the 193 463 was taken back to Karlsruhe – awaiting its first revenue service.