[EU] Railcolor Weekly: Modern Locomotive News (49/17)

Welcome. Every Tuesday we bring you the latest news on new electric locomotives being built in Europe. New liveries and remarkable operator changes are also mentioned. Enjoy! Oh, do you have comments or questions, contact us here!

Akiem: HSL Logistik now operates three TRAXX AC3s

On 07.12.2017 the third Akiem AC3 locomotive for HSL Logistik was released; The 187 505 in a green base livery. 187 500 is orange and the 187 501 is brown.

First day of service: Akiem > HSL Logistik 187 505 at Strand on 07.12.2017 – Photo: Federico Santagati

Next to that, Bombardier is outshopping again new machines. 187 502-504 and now also 506 are ready to go:

Maiden run of Akiem 187 506 on 12.12.2017 in Kassel – Photo: Christian Klotz

Alpha Trains > After 10 years, Cobra has ended

Cobra has ended – after ten years of cooperation, DB Cargo and (now) Lineas will now go their own way in Belgium. Alpha Trains 186 224 alias 2832 with a Cobra farewell shield on 09.12.2017 – Photo: Laurent Joseph / Wallorail.be

Beacon Rail: Promotional livery for Die Länderbahn ER 20-013

Having been hired from Beacon Rail Leasing only recently, Die Länderbahn’s ER 20-013 is now underway in a special promotional livery for ‘bodo’, which is short for Bodensee-Oberschwaben Verkehrsverbundgesellschaft GmbH. One side features the Bodensee, while the other side shows the green hills in front of the Alps. Read more

ER 20-013 in its new ‘bodo’ promotional livery at Regensburg Hauptbahnhof on 9 December 2017. Photo: Christian Bauer.

DB Cargo: also receives Vectron locomotives

With 193 300 and 301 Siemens has delivered the first two Vectron locomotives to Deutsche Bahn. To DB Cargo Deutschland to be more precise. Earlier this year the rail operator decided to order sixty such locomotives, of which five could be delivered on very short notice. Read more

DB Cargo 193 300 and 301 on 11.12.2017 in Aschaffenburg – Mathias Oestreich

DB Regio starts services using the VDE8 high speed line

As of today, with the introduction of the new time table, DB Regio is operating Vectron lease locomotives at the Franken-Thüringen-Express network. Every two hours, the ‘Regional Express’ train between Sonneberg and Nürnberg now runs over the ‘Neubaustrecke’ VDE8, cutting travel times between the two places with around thirty minutes. Read more

Railpool < ELL Vectron with the new supersnel Regional Express on 10.12.2017 – Photo: Marc Anders

DB Systemtechnik applies new stickers on 182 506

Since early November, it has become a easier to distinguish the 182 506 from other red painted ES 64 U2 type locomotives (especially the 182s in the fleet of DB Regio). Its current owner, DB Systemtechnik, has decided to apply big insciptions on the locomotive and they published a video about the application of the stickers. Read more

ELL: various Vectron news

ELL > RegioJet 193 214 with ‘patchwork’ livery after visiting Siemens in Munich for maintenance – RegioJet 1033 on 10.12.2017 near Helmahof – Photo: Herbert Pschill
New locomotives for TX Logistik – ELL 193 282 and 193 278 – 11.12.2017 at Basel Bad – Photo: Tobias Schmidt
Part of a new batch of DE/AT/CH/IT/NL locomotives for ELL – 193 299 at Aschaffenburg on 11.12.2017 – Photo: Mathias Oestreich
First day of regular service with RegioJet at Vienna main station – ELL > Lokotrain > RegioJet 193 220 – 10.12.2017 – Photo: Ludwig GS

The people currently wrapping the ten ELL Vectron locomotives to be used for the Eurocity trains Prague – Dresden – Berlin – Hamburg are working fast. They made it possible to create this impressive line-up with 193 290-294 in their new blue and white liveries. A big thanks to the ČD for creating these impressive photos.

Two locomotives of the CD contract have not been seen yet in this new livery: 193 289 and 297. The latter one is still in freight service.

ELL > ČD 193 290-294 – Photo: ČD

EGP/Enon to receive a second Vectron locomotive

Rail Business reports: Enon is investing in a second Vectron locomotive, to be operated by EGP. The locomotive will have the same country specific configuration (DE-AT) as the designated 193 848, the blue painted locomotive that Siemens delivered in 2015. The new locomotive will come in June 2018.

EGP 193 848 and GySEV 471 502 at Ingolstadt, the GySEV locomotive was hired to WLC replacing the ES 64 U2-102 which got damaged – 15.09.2017 – Tristan Alexander Zielinski

Hector Rail in the cold – start LKAB services

On the 20th June LKAB and Hector Rail AB signed a new 5-year contract – starting in December 2017 – to run traffic from Luleå to Kiruna via Malmberget 7 days a week, Hector Rail will also provide shunting in Luleå and Malmberget. To support both parties’ commitment to sustainability and the environment the new Vectron Locomotive has been selected for the contract.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Driving through a Winter Wonderland. @lokf365 #Hectorrail #Vectron

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LokRoll > SBB Cargo International: First two new locomotives arrive in Switzerland

This is it, this is the new livery for the SBB Cargo International Vectron locomotive. It is a huge honor for us that we were given the chance to create this design for the freight operator from Switzerland. On 11.12.2017 the first two machines of this type were taken to Switzerland. Read more about the design here

LokRoll > SBB Cargo International 193 461 and 462 leaving Munich, bound to Basel, Switzerland – 11.12.2017 – Photo: Christian Tscharre

LTE – Two new ‘LEMA’s ready for service

We have visual. You are looking at (parts of the) newest two Softronic Trans Montana locomotives, that both will be delivered to freight operator LTE. They will be registered under LTE Romania, but will also be operated in Hungary. Read more

Photo: Eugen Ege

Macquarie Rail > Railpool 185 639 damaged

Macquarie Rail > Railpool 185 639 crashed onto a truck on a level crossing in Schwarzkollm on 24.11.2017 – Here is is parked in Berlin-Grünau 10.12.2017 – Photo: Norman Gottberg

MARC: These are the first Charger diesel locomotives for Maryland

Siemens in Sacramento has released the first three Charger mainline diesel locomotives for MARC in Maryland. Together with the first SEPTA electric for Pennsylvania these machines were caught on camera by Matt Liverani of the Desert Empire Project at Delle in Utah on 03.12.2017. Meanwhile the diesel locomotives have arrived in Maryland. Read more

SEPTA 901 on its way from Sacramento to Pennsylvania together with MARC 80-82 – Delle 03.12.2017 – Photo: Matt Liverani

Metrans: Ten more TRAXX locomotives in 2018

The HHLA intermodal subsidiary Metrans not only has its own terminals in the hinterland but is also fortifying its own traction fleet. This means that more and more Metrans locomotives are pulling container trains through Europe. Metrans will pursue this successful strategy by adding ten further locomotives to its fleet, beginning in the first quarter of 2018. Read more

mgw: 183 500 in Alex service

‘Die Länderbahn’ locomotive 183 001 is away for maintenance – mgw 183 500 helps out – Moosach 10.12.2017 – Photo: Christian Bauer

Railpool: 186 259 on maiden run

Bombardier has started the completion of another batch of DE/AT/CH/IT/BE/NL configurated locomotives. After 186 445-454 we now record the new 186 258 and 259.

Maiden run of Railpool 186 259 on 12.12.2017 in Kassel – Photo: Christian Klotz

S Rail Lease: locomotives turn red for ZSSK

During the past week, we got several reports about the wrapping of the new S Rail Lease locomotives in Bratislava. We decided to wait with publication until the locomotive(s) left the depot again. This patience was rewarded, rewarded by these beautiful shots made by Nino Belovič and Juraj Streber made on 09.12.2017. These are S Rail Lease 383 101, 102 and 103 soon to be operated by the Slovak state railways (ZSSK). Read more

Photo: Juraj Streber

SEPTA: This is the first ACS-64 locomotive for Southeastern Pennsylvania

New ‘offspring’ for the American branch of Siemens’ locomotive family. Soon, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority or SEPTA is to receive its first ACS-64 type electric. Siemens in Sacramento is currently building fifteen such locomotives at its Sacramento facility in California. Read more

SEPTA 901 on its way from Sacramento to Pennsylvania together with MARC 80-82 – Delle 03.12.2017 – Photo: Matt Liverani

Transnet: handover of the first TRAXX Africa locomotive

Bombardier and the South African State-Owned Enterprise Company Transnet have celebrated the handover and acceptance of the first of 240 Bombardier TRAXX locomotives for freight traffic in South Africa (Railcolor: Transnet series 23E). The handover event took place on December 7, 2017 at Transnet Engineering’s assembly plant in Durban attended by dignitaries from Transnet, Government officials, suppliers and the media. Read more

Photo: Bombardier

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