[Creativity] Railcolor Design presents the new Vectron design for SBB Cargo International

This is it, this is the new livery for the SBB Cargo International Vectron locomotive. It is a huge honor for us that we were given the chance to create this design for the freight operator from Switzerland.

On 06.12.2017 the first two Vectron locomotives for LokRoll completed their maiden run. The designated 193 461 and 462 are the first two of a batch of 18 locomotives to be delivered over the next months to LokRoll. This newly created company will hire the machines to operator SBB Cargo International for a period of 15 years.

Every locomotive will have its own name and coat of arms, specially designed for these new machines. The 461 is the ‘Olten’, the 462 ‘Gallarate’.

You can read more about this livery design and how it came to be on our design portfolio website.

Photo: Siemens AG
Photo: Siemens AG
Photo: Siemens AG
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