[SE] Siemens outshops first new Vectron locomotives for Hector Rail

Hector Rail is growing, and is in need of new locomotives. The operator originally from Sweden has 20 Vectron locomotives on order from Siemens. In December 2016, Siemens already delivered two locomotives of the designated 243 series, being formerly used by Siemens as test bed/certification machines. 193 923 and 924 became Hector Rail 243 001 and 002. Now we see the transport of the first two new locomotives of this order, 243 103 and 104.

Hector Rail 241 008 takes 243 103 and 104 to Krefeld on 11.11.2017 – Bornheim – Photo: Sven Jonas

In July 2016, Hector Rail announced it signed a contract with Siemens for the delivery of 5 Vectron electric locomotives, including an option for 15 more to be ordered until 2020. As Hector Rail was able to fetch several new transport contracts since then, it was decided to call of all options in March 2017, resulting a fixed order of 20 electrics. The current delivery plan:

Hector Rail’s future Vectron fleet:

  • already delivered: 2x Vectron AC 6.4MW 200 km/h SE/NO = 243 001 and 002
  • 2017: 3x Vectron AC 6.4MW 200 km/h SE/NO with shunting diesel = 243 103, 104 and one more
  • as of 2018: 15x Vectron AC 6.4MW 200 km/h SE/NO with shunting diesel

New transport contracts for Hector Rail, signed during the past twelve years are for example the transport of 2.5 million cubic meters of round wood Trätåg AB (contract taken over from Rush Rail after its bankruptcy), more container shuttles in cooperation with Samskip, more cars for ARS Altmann from the south of Germany (taken over from RheinCargo) and round wood for SCA Skog AB in Sweden. The Vectrons with shunting diesel feature are specifically needed for this latter contract, making it possible to shunt locally in and out of terminals without need for a catenary.

Hector Rail 162.003 with 243.001 by Christian Kamphausen on 21.12.2016

This item brings you pictures of 243 103 and 104, the first two electrics that are newly built by Siemens (Vectron no. 383 and 433). The use of a new sub series designation (243.1 in stead of 243.0) means the machines are different from the first two machines from 2016. The planning tells us that the 103/104 should be the first with ‘Diesel Power Module’, the name Siemens uses for a small diesel engine usable for shunting and last mile services. Looking closely at the pictures of today, we do see a fuel filler cap on the 243 103.

An interesting development as there is no Siemens Vectron customer yet that has such locomotives in its fleet with working DPM feature.

Hector Rail 241 103 being towed to Krefeld on 11.11.2017 – Bornheim – Photo: Sven Jonas

Siemens Vectron with Diesel Power Module for shunting

Vectrons for Norway and Sweden only?
The newly built Vectrons are solely certified for Norway and Sweden. But this does not mean we will not see them in Germany again? No. Hector Rail has recently signed a 5-year full service contract with mgw Service, now owned by Akiem, for most of its electric locomotive types, including the 243s/Vectrons. Also, when signing the original Vectron contract back in July 2016, Hector Rail did mention the possibility to develop a more international version of the 243 that could be operated in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The future will learn.

Hector Rail 241 008 takes 243 103 and 104 to Krefeld on 11.11.2017 – Bornheim – Photo: Sven Jonas

Update 07.12.2017: Today the new 243 105 arrived in Krefeld, awaiting further transport to Sweden:

Hector Rail 243 105 at Krefeld on 07.12.2017 – Photo: Achim Scheil