[RO] Trans Montana news: LTE locomotives near completion; Green Cargo is visiting

Softronic in Romania is currently building Trans Montana locomotives for two customers. Freight operator LTE will soon receive two new blue machines, no. 029 and 030 from the production line. Painted bodies have been seen, the 030 is already getting vinyls.

Trans Montana no. 029 is ordered by LTE from Romania. The 030 is for LTE in Hungary. The 030 is already sporting stickers about Hungarian-American mathematician / aerospace engineer / physicist Mr. Kármán Tódor / Theodore von Kármán.

Video report about the factory:

You can see the two LTE locomotives again, plus the frame being welded, that will be used for the first of two Trans Montana electrics that will be delivered to Green Cargo in Sweden next year. Softronic is reportedly working together with Green cargo closely to adjust the Trans Montana design to the special environmental conditions of Sweden.

The list of all 28 Trans Montana locomotives delivered until now can be found on Railcolor.net