[RO] This is the ‘AstraTranscarpatic’ – new competition in Romania

Astra Vagoane Călători is taking up the challenge. During the past year, the rolling stock manufacturer from Romania has refurbished passenger coaches to start its own overnight train service: the ‘AstraTranscarpatic’.

Sources: romaniajournal.ro / presasm.ro / Jurnal Feroviar. Title picture by Silviu Dirlea

In total, twelve coaches and two locomotives will be used to form to six-car trains, connecting Arad with Bucharest. Service start is planned for mid-January. The ‘AstraTranscarpatic’ is part of the Astra Vagoane Călători Arad holding, controlled by Valer Blidar.

Video by MIX Studio

We see brightly painted coaches, in green and yellow, with a complete new interior. We see cars with normal seating, and coaches with sleeping compartments. Rail attendants taking care of the travelers.