[CZ] The new livery of ČD ‘E499 2006’ – A dream-come-true [updated]

It is blue, white and red, runs on electric current and can be seen in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is the special 25th Anniversary livery that was given to ČD 151 006, originally known as ‘E499 2006’. We were happy to get in touch with Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice’s Vice-Dean, Mr. Radovan Soušek – the man behind the ambitious project, who was kind enough to tell us about the backgrounds of this colourful locomotive.

Update 01.09.2018

We could not resist sharing yet another photo of the locomotive in action, this time in Polanka nad Odrou [CZ] with train EC116 from Warsaw to Prague. It was taken by Samuel Kovár.

ČD 151 006 see in Polanka nad Odrou, Czech Republic, 28.08.2018 Author: Samuel Kovár

Every time we see a new locomotive livery, we are amazed by the way it impacts our sight and imagination. But behind each livery there is a lot of work and numerous people responsible for its implementation.

Author: Radovan Soušek

We present you the story of this shiny classic Czech electric, which not only became a symbol of cooperation between the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice and the Czech Railways, but also shows that one should always follow his dreams.

Author: Radovan Soušek

Celebrating 25 years of cooperation

According to Mr. Radovan Soušek, the main purpose of the livery is to promote the partnership between the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice and the national operator Czech Railways, which has always been an important partner of the school.

The Faculty was established after the division of Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovak Republics. After the separation, the University of Transport and Communications remained in Slovakia and therefore the need of higher education in the field of transport in the Czech Republic became apparent. This is why the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice was created.

Once E499, now Class 151: a deeply symbolic locomotive

“The special locomotive is a symbol for 25 years of co-operation, therefore it needs to be 25 years old. Furthermore, Class 151 features a specific design, which fits the project. Another important fact is that those locomotives also travel to Slovakia”, comments Radovan Soušek, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice.

Livery details

Author: Radovan Soušek

The base colors of the design, which are shades of blue and white, are the ones the Transport Faculty. The University of Pardubice, however, uses red, which is also featured in the livery design. According to Mr. Soušek, the goal of the livery is to express elegance and dynamism. The color scheme includes elements of both the history and the present of both organizations, encompassed with the slogan: “We’re riding it together!”

Author: Radovan Soušek

The finishing touches include the use of the horse emblem of the University of Pardubice, which was originally named Chemical Technology College. The horse emblem also complements the Latin inscription “Universitas Pardubicensis” seen in the locomotive front.

It is interesting that although the locomotive is currently designated as class 151, it also sports the original (now nostalgic) designation E499 2006.

Author: Radovan Soušek

The overall design process was carried out by Mr. Soušek, along with two employees from the Czech Railways – a creative process that he enjoyed a lot. And although he was the author of the original concept of the project he clearly states that:

“Without the support from the Czech Railways, it would have ended with a just nice idea. I am glad that also many graduates from the Faculty of Transport Engineering supported me. I cannot name all people involved in the project but I like to thank them all.”

The design was also subjected to a targeted marketing study in order to assure the livery would be effective. And judging by the many positive reactions across social media, this project has already succeeded.

Author: Radovan Soušek

Where it can be seen

The locomotive has already entered regular traffic, although the ceremonial “baptism” ceremony has yet to be held on 06.09.2018, in the presence of representatives of the Czech Railways and the University of Pardubice.

151.006 seen at Pardubice Station with the EC 116 to Prague Author: Radovan Soušek

A dream-come-true

“I was also trained to be a driver of electric locomotives for ČSD (Czechoslovak Railways). At that time, Class 151 was a dream for us, along with Series 350. It was my wish to use this design and the Czech Railways made my dream to come true.”  says Mr. Soušek.

“My next dream is to see this locomotive recreated as a H0 scale model by A.C.M.E.. We are ready to hand over all design data to make it easier for the model maker to produce it. Hopefully this will become true, any help in the matter is welcome”, he adds in conclusion.

ČD 151 006 next to the man behind the entire project: Mr. Radovan Soušek – Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice’s Vice-Dean

Railcolornews would like to thank Mr. Soušek for sharing this inspiring project and wish a happy 25 year anniversary to the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice.