[passenger] Another delay: DB ICE L trains to enter service in 2025

eurailpress.de reports that the start of first commercial with the new Talgo ICE L low floor trains is postponed again, until ‘mid-2025’. 

  • It is the second time ICE L introduction is postponed – From December 2023 > Autumn 2024 > Mid 2025. 

Thus the testing and authorization again takes longer than expected.

  • Dynamic trials on the German rail network started late 2023.
  • The plan to start on the international route Berlin – Amsterdam has not changed.
  • The services to Oberstdorf and Sylt will follow later.
  • 79 have been ordered so far – 23 in 2019 and 56 in 2023.

The delay in the authorization process has an advantage. Talgo was asked to equip the trains with ÖBB WTB bus, and different software/control systems, making them compatible with other modern locomotive types, such as the Vectron MS and Vectron Dual Mode.