Now a regular: NS Vectrons take over IC Amsterdam-Berlin


After years of talks, there is now finally a faster connection between the two European capitals of Amsterdam and Berlin. With the introduction of multi-system Vectron MS locomotives leased from ELL by NS and timetable changes, the Intercity now reaches its destination half an hour quicker.

Swathes of Vectrons have been arriving at NS in recent months, in anticipation of the takeover. The time-consuming hurdle of changing a DB class 101 for an NS class 1700 (now retired) in Bad Bentheim (DE), has now been eliminated with the introduction of the Vectrons.

Until the introduction of the brand new DB class 105s in combination with the new ICE-L, the following scene at Berlin Hauptbahnhof will stay a familiar one for the coming years:

ELL > NS 193 263 at Berlin Hauptbahnhof (DE) on 11.12.2023 © Bastian Vogelvanger
ELL > NS Vectron at Elstal (DE) on 10.12.2023 © AufderSchiene / Nordbahnzuege