[DE] DB ICE L: locomotive 105 019 on its way to Vienna for climate testing [updated]


  • Meanwhile, a Talgo Class 105 locomotive is on its way to Wien-Floridsdorf, where the climate test chamber is, to be subjected to extreme weather conditions together with the five coaches sent to Vienna in June. Its EVN is 91 80 6105 019-4 D-DB;
  • The locomotive completed the first leg of its transport by truck, as it is too heavy to be transported on the Veyvey auxiliary bogies (and most likely too high). In Figueras, it was put on rail – from where it will complete another 2,000 kilometres through France, Germany and Austria. When the testing in Vienna is done, the locomotive will be taken to Romania for dynamic testing;
  • A second complete set of coaches has arrived from Spain. On 26.07.2023 it was seen in Braunschweig.
From road to rail – DB Class 105 locomotive in Figueras © Deutsche Bahn
44205 Perpignan -Mannheim with ECR 186 – 25.07.2023 © Eurorailer
DB 105 019 in Wien-Nussdorf on 27.07.2023 © Herbert Pschill
DB Fernverkehr 105 019 at Floridsdorf-Frachtbahnhof on 28.07.2023 © Christopher Kavassy