[DE] Talgo ICE L for DB starts testing on the German network [updated/videos]

We’ve seen them on the move multiple times over the last few months: Żmigród, Vienna, etc. However, the new DB ICE L built by Talgo is starting the next critical phase in its testing program: Testing on the German network.

This article was first published on 10.11.2023 and updated on 15.11.2023 – scroll down for the update.

Earlier this week, one rake was seen testing on the high-speed line Nürnberg–Ingolstadt (NIM) between Nürnberg and Kinding. Edit: The actual testing and evaluation are done by TÜV SÜD Rail, and RailAdventure is responsible for the operation of the train using its electric locomotive E190 311 (bought from InRail earlier this year).

10.11.2023: Kilistrains caught the consist on the famous ‘Geislinger Steige’:

RailAdventure E190 311 with Talgo ICE-L on the ‘Geislinger steige’ in November 2023 © Kilistrains

Update 15.11.2023 – On the NIM Dutzendteich – Kinding

Talgo ICE-L on the ‘Geislinger steige’ in November 2023 © Kilistrains
RailAdventure 190 311 with ICE L in Großhöbing on 14.11.2023 © Andreas Dollinger

International expansion

If testing goes according to plan, they should enter service in December 2024 on the Amsterdam-Berlin route, replacing classic IC1 coaches. In May of 2023, DB decided to order 56 more ICE-L trains from Talgo for various national and international routes. Read more in the article below:

[DE] +56: DB Fernverkehr orders more ICE L trains from Talgo