[locomotive] EuroDual it is – 100th ELP locomotive is for BM Bahndienste

European Loc Pool (ELP) announces the completion of a contract with BM Bahndienste for one EuroDual locomotive. It will be the 100th six-axle hybrid locomotive that ELP has leased under a long-term full-service leasing contract. 

BM Bahndienste from Karlsruhe specialises in track construction logistics, personnel services, traction and transport. Jochen Benz started the company in 2008 as Pfeil-Logistik – in 2011, Manfred Merkel joined, and the company was renamed BM Bahndienste. Its modern fleet comprises Siemens Vectron Dual Mode and the Voith Revita Twin.

The operator will use the EuroDual to expand its offering in construction site traffic. It especially needs its diesel power on non-electrified routes. Remote control will offer total operational flexibility without requiring additional personnel or purchasing external services. The handover is scheduled for December 2024.

Artist’s impression of an ELP EuroDual with BM Bahndienste markings © ELP