[data] ELP adds another ten twenty locomotives to its backlog


ELP has raised the number of EuroDual/Euro9000 locomotives on order. On 04.01.2024 it announced ten more EuroDual locomotives, on 16.01.2024, ten more Euro9000s were ordered. The total backlog now comprises 124 machines:

EuroDual – 84 locomotives on order – 64 outshopped:

  • 58x EuroDual for Germany and Austria (90 80 2159 201-248 and 251-260)
  • 6x EuroDual for Sweden and Norway (90 74 2159 001-006)

Euro9000 – 40 locomotives on order – 13 outshopped:

  • 13x Euro9000 for DE-AT-CH-IT-BE-NL (90 80 2019 302-314)

The newly ordered Euro9000 units are scheduled for delivery at the end of 2025 and in the beginning of 2026.

EuroDual newest developments

ELP has already closed long-term full-service leases for 101 machines, servicing over 30 customers across six countries. EuroDual no. 75-84 are scheduled to be delivered in 2025 and 2026 and will be authorised for Germany and Austria. They are not yet leased.

Additionally, the EuroDual authorization for Slovenia and Croatia is pending following the recent approval in Serbia. ELP will be able to provide these locomotives with a special corridor package, including Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, creating a corridor from the northern German ports to the Adriatic ports. This option will also become available for the existing ELP-EuroDual fleet.

Euro9000 newest developments

ELP > RTB Cargo 2019 306 in the Netherlands on 15.01.2024 © Henk Zwoferink
ELP > RTB Cargo 2019 306 in the Netherlands , Kijfhoek on 16.01.2024 © Maurice Kalkmann

Meanwhile we have seen 2019 306 testing in the Netherlands, it is the Comic-design-one of RTB Cargo. 2019 302 for Rail Force One is doing the same. Lokomotion’s 2019 310 made a quick visit to Brennero station, making it the first of its kind to be on Italian soil while pulling a regular freight train.