[design] Euro4000 repainted: Takargo is now Captrain Portugal

On 15.03.2022, Captrain announced the acquisition of Takargo – Transporte de Mercadorias, S.A., a subsidiary of Mota-Engil. Now, the company goes one step further.

In 2024, Takargo officially adopted its new parent company’s name and design. This change has now reached the rails – this is the first Euro4000 in Captain Portugal design:

Vossloh Captrain Portugal 6002 with a container train coming from Alcântara-Terra and going to Leixões in Leça do Balio on 30.12.2023 © Gil Monteiro

The identity change aims to bring a  more cohesive branding across Europe. Locomotive 6002 got the lime/light grey standard design, abandoning the distinctive four-tone red livery of the former operator. The loco now looks similar to the Captrain Euro4000s in Spain (335 001, 002, 003).

6006 of Takargo seen in Barcelos (PT) with service 48835/6 Ourense Empalme – Celbi 12.06.2021 © Jaime Llamazares Camblor

The fleet

The fleet of Takargo, now Captrain Portugal, comprises various types of diesel locomotives, with the most notable (and modern) one being the Euro 4000, leased from Beacon Rail. Seven such locos were delivered between 2008 and 2009. Intended for cross-border services between Portugal and Spain, they are numbered 6001-6007.