[ES] In the picture: Captrain España’s 335 003 in lime-white livery

Railcolor News recently showed you 335 001 wearing the lime-white livery of Captrain España. We knew that the second Euro 4000 from the fleet in a new design was 335 003, today we show you an image:

We’d like to thank Jonander Amas for sharing his nice image with us.

On 24.04.2020, the locomotive was spotted in front of the workshops in Miranda de Ebro in Spain. In fact, both the Renfe electrics behind it and the broad-gage (1668 mm!) are nice details possible to catch only in Spain:

Captrain España’s 335 003, seen in front of the workshop in Miranda de Ebro (ES) 24.04.2020 Photo credit: Jonander Amas

As for the purpose of 335 003’s visit to this specific workshop in northern Spain, we have the answer: it was waiting for its revision.

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