[NL] RTB Cargo and Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal start Vectron rebrand

On 23.08.2023, ELL Vectron 193 945 was the first to appear in the new RTB Cargo and Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal branding. The previously all-white locomotive entered service with RTB Cargo in 2022 but hadn’t received an operator-specific livery.

This article was first published on 25.08.2023 and updated on 05.12.2023 – scroll down for the newest pictures.

Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal was previously known as European Gateway Services, recognizable by its green and black billboard branding. You may recall black MRCE ES64F4 electrics, ELL Vectrons, or Railpool 186s, which had/have such designs. In May 2023, the service was rebranded to ‘Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal’.

  • Hutchison 1 (full wrap, Rotterdam skyline+transport) = ELL 193 945
  • Hutchison 3 (sides only, Haeger and Schmidt logos) = ELL 193 732
  • Hutchison 4 (sides only, Rotterdam skyline+transport) = ELL 193 739

25.08.2023 – 193 945 is Hutchison locomotive 1

A full wrap was chosen to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the partnership between the two companies. Stickering was recently carried out at the LWR maintenance facility in Rotterdam by stickering company Omnimark. Our Railcolor Design team has again designed the livery, including RTB Cargo’s recognizable ‘White arrow’ design.

Steven Oskam and Achim Scheil already caught the freshly wrapped locomotive in service around The Netherlands:

ELL > RTB Cargo 193 945 near Willemsdorp (NL) on 23.08.2023 © Steven Oskam
ELL > RTB Cargo 193 945 in Zwijndrecht (NL) on 23.08.2023 © Steven Oskam
ELL > RTB Cargo 193 945 in Blerick (NL) on 24.08.2023 © Achim Scheil

05.12.2023 – ELL+Hutchison combination design

At the end of November, other European Gateway Services locomotives were rebranded. 193 732, and 739 were first. Note that these are the first two locomotives with a new RTB Cargo logo (now similar to all other companies in the RATH Group):

ELL > RTB Cargo 193 739 © RTB Cargo
ELL > RTB Cargo 193 732 © RTB Cargo