[DE] Quereinsteiger – DB Regio 146 245 joins the promo fleet

DB Regio’s 146 245 turned a little darker. It almost looks like its handle bars are a bit glowing. What has happened?

The locomotive just became part of DB’s fleet to find new employees, with a strong focus on career changers:

DB Regio 146 245 in Regensburg on 29.11.2023 © Maxi Loos
DB Regio 146 245 on 30.11.2023 © Maxi Loos

Other trains and the same campaign – got to catch them all!

For the 146, the basic colour is red, albeit a bit darker than the standard traffic red. We have seen the same design before, but with different base colours:

DB Regio Südost 1442 808 at Erfurt Hauptbahnhof (DE) on 29.08.2023 © Christopher Demski
DB Regio 642 077/577 in Artlkofen on 15.09.2023 © Wouter Radstake
DB Regio 430 077 in Altbach-Deizisau on 14.04.2023 © Andreas Axmann

ICE4 EMU no. 9485 has similar ads, on white. Are there more DB trains in this design? Let us know!