[EU] Yellow-silver ES64F4 093 now with Beacon Rail logos

Despite several ownership changes, ES64F4 093 still has its original livery. Now, its silver and yellow Dispolok design is combined with Beacon Rail logos:

50+ ES64F4 locomotives of MRCE were sold to Beacon Rail earlier this year. The rebranding of the fleets has started. Almost all locomotives are black – so for them, it means new yellow circle logos and a horizontal yellow line on a black background. But ES64F4-093 is one of the few exceptions, and that it now has a new owner does not bother.

The MRCE logos on its noses have been removed, and Beacon Rail circles have replaced the larger side logos. Note the new, extra horizontal yellow line:

BRCE ES64F4-093 after Beacon Rail logos have been placed over the MRCE logos – November 2023 @ Bradley More

The sad thing is that parts of the locomotive’s livery are in bad condition. The white stickers on the nose are weathered and cracked.

ES64F4/189s that are still yellow and silver:

  • ES64F4 002 / 189 902 of RTC – with RTC/Lokomotion logos;
  • ES64F4 003 / 189 903 of RTC – with RTC/Lokomotion logos;
  • ES64F4 012 / 189 912 of Lokomotion – but with Cream stickers;
  • ES64F4 026 / 189 926 of Beacon Rail – Yellow/silver with small MRCE logos on front and side;
  • ES64F4 093 / 189 993 of Beacon Rail – Yellow/silver, white front, with Beacon logos;
  • ES64F4 202 / 189 202 of Beacon Rail – Yellow/silver, white front, small MRCE logos;
  • ES64F4 203 / 189 203 last seen parked in Eisenach – Yellow/silver, white front, small MRCE logos.

The same locomotive in 2020:

MRCE ES64F4-094 and 093 – Ljubljana – Rok Žnidarčič