[DE] Back in Black: 189 099 running for DB Cargo Deutschland

Remember RRF’s ES 64 F4 999 in DistriRail livery? So do we. That same locomotive is all black now…and it’s running for DB Cargo Deutschland.

We thank Axel Schaer for submitting his nice picture for publication.

When it comes to owners, it is back and forth for some locomotives in Europe, especially the older ones. Such is the case of ES 64 F4 189 099 – a Siemens electric, built in 2005, originally for Railion Deutschland (now DB Cargo Deutschland). On the very next year, it was sold to MRCE who would lease it to ERSR, Locon, and RRF. Flash forward to June 2021 and the locomotive was sold back to its original owner, DB Cargo Deutschland.

Now, 189 099 it looks like this:

189 099 of DB Cargo Deutschland next to 482 048 of Hamburger Rail Service in Unkel (DE) 10.11.2021 © Axel Schaer

We are indeed talking about a hybrid livery between MRCE and DB. The black base of the body remains, with a black number on the red panel between the lights. And DB logos in white on the sides…

All this is of course part of the DB Cargo and MRCE locomotive deal. Railcolor has built up extensive knowledge around the topic – a good reason for you to get a subscription:

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We mentioned the DistriRail design above, find more about it here:

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And here is also some info about that other locomotive in the picture – the orange (ex-SBB Cargo) TRAXX AC2 of Hamburger Rail Service:

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