[EU / Expert] Tweety, Helga or Canarina? MRCE ES64F4s going strong in yellow and silver

What was once a common sight, is now rare: Siemens ES64F4 locomotives in the silver/yellow design is (Siemens) Dispolok. Since MRCE took over Dispolok, the fleet went black. Yet there are still some exceptions – two of these just left the workshops and unexpectedly, they (largely) kept their original design. 

Maybe, ES64F4/189 series locomotives do not get the attention they deserve anymore, overshadowed by the constant stream of updates about new Vectrons and TRAXXs. Yet they are a still a regular sight on rails across Europe.

The resistance

Lease company owns MRCE an extensive fleet of around 130 (!) of these locomotives, the majority now running in the welknown black MRCE livery with white+red fronts. Yet, seven machines still managed to stay out of the paint shop:


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