[DE] Vectron Dual Mode on passenger service with Pressnitztalbahn


Vectron Dual Modes pulling passenger services is still a rare sight. But thanks to Pressnitztalbahn’s annual company trip, we bring you a visual of one of their blue hybrids leading a passenger train special.

248 106 (248 027) of Pressnitztalbahn running in electric mode at the front of a lengthy train service (DPE 1820) bound for Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg on 07.01.2023. Notice the blue tail of the train, which resembles Pressnitztalbahn’s 218 055 (218 458) and 054 (218 448) diesel locos – likely used to provide train heating. Christian Klotz caught this extraordinary sight in Großpürschütz near Kahla:

248 106 of Pressnitztalbahn with the special train seen in Großpürschütz (DE) 07.01.2023 © Christian Klotz

About Pressnitztalbahn’s 248 106

  • Type: Vectron Dual Mode;
  • Year built: 2022;
  • Factory number: 23169;
  • EVN: 90 80 2248 027-5 D-PRESS;
  • Pressnitztalbahn own number: 248 106-8;
  • Acceptance date: REV MMAL 21.07.22.

As of 2026, seeing such locos on passenger services will become a part of daily life in Germany. A fleet of 21 such locos will pull ICE-L trainsets for DB Fernverkehr.

To learn more about Pressnitztalbahn’s Dual Modes, refer to the post below:

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