[DE] Vectron Dual Mode 248 019 on passenger train tests in Bavaria


After showcasing its dual-mode Vectron 248 019 at this year’s InnoTrans, Siemens put the locomotive straight to real operation tests. It has appeared on Bavarian trains, operating in both electric and diesel modes.

A white Siemens Vectron Dual Mode with Siemens logos pulling and pushing double-deck trains from Munich to Mühldorf. Sounds like a fantasy project? Not really; it is testing in progress. On 08.10.2022, DB’s Südostbayernbahn performed four trial rides with double-deck push-pull sets from Munich Ost.

The trains were driven under electric mode to Markt Schwaben, and diesel mode followed from there to Mühldorf. Valentin Barbarino captured the following unique sight near Schwindegg:

Siemens Vectron Dual Mode 248 019 in diesel mode near Schwindegg on 08.10.2022 © Valentin Barbarino

Below is a portrait of the same loco as seen during InnoTrans 2022:

248 019 of Siemens Mobility at InnoTrans 2022 © Konstantin Planinski

For more details regarding the deployment of Vectron Dual modes on passenger traffic in Germany, refer to our report below:

[DE] DB Fernverkehr: Vectron Dual Mode for ICE-L and rescue services [updated]