[SK] Two more bridge designs for new Budamar Vectrons


Three out of ten new Siemens Vectrons leased from Rolling Stock Lease to Budamar have already received special designs made by Railcolor Design.

On 05.08.2022, two more tailored “bridge” designs were added to the newly forming fleet of A17 and A35 Vectrons at Budamar. They are leased from RSL, and as they keep coming from the Munich Allach plant of Siemens, they are wrapped in special orange and grey livery.

The first three ‘bridge’ designs for RSL>Budamar Vectrons 383 218/219/220 © Railcolor Design

Each locomotive is different and is dedicated to famous bridges in Slovakia. Bridges were selected as symbols of connectivity and significant landmarks. They are also important architectural structures, which aligns them with the company motto “Architects of Logistics”.

RSL > Budamar Vectrons 383 219 and 220 on 05.08.2022 in Bratislava © Tomáš Pašuth

After Prístavný (harbour) bridge on 383 218, two more bridges were applied to the design of 383 219 and 220.

RSL > Budamar 383 219 with SNP bridge design © Tomáš Pašuth

The SNP bridge on 383 219

The first got a design with SNP bridge. The special bridge with a “UFO” restaurant on top also has a cargo boat floating beneath it. That is because Budamar also owns SPaP – the company responsible for cargo ships and harbors in Slovakia. The name SNP is derived from Slovenské národné povstanie (Slovak National Uprising). This was an armed insurrection of a resistance movement against the German occupation and Slovak collaborative government during WWII. The bridge is serving road traffic and pedestrians.

RSL > Budamar 383 220 with Chmarošský viaduct design © Tomáš Pašuth

The Chmarošský viaduct on 383 220

The second bridge is the Chmarošský viaduct, a design applied on 383 220. This railway bridge is situated in central Slovakia, on a non-electrified line with rare, mostly tourism-related summer traffic. It is situated near the village of Telgárt and it became a popular photo spot for tourists. It bridges a valley with a height of 18 meters and a length of 114 meters.