[DE / Expert] Detail pictures: the first DB Cargo Vectron Dual Mode Light locomotives

On 11.04.2022, German politician Christian Bernreiter visited Siemens Mobility’s factory in Munich. It was a nice opportunity to take a picture, which happened to have the first Vectron Dual Mode Light for DB Cargo Deutschland in the background. Now, on 25.05.2022, the first two machines are out. Let’s have a closer look.

It was the first time we could bring you locomotive ‘249 001’ = 90 80 2249 001 D-DB = Z001 = Siemens 23059 > version H01. Note the design of the shunting installment and the black transponders on its nose.

On 25.05.2022, 249 001 and 002 arrived in Mönchengladbach together, towed by MRCE ES64U2-014. We have some very nice shots for you, made by Wolfgang Scheer:


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