[DE] IGE Bahn opts for the EuroDual from ELP

IGE Bahn from Germany, celebrating its 40th birthday this year, has decided to add a EuroDual locomotive to its fleet. Lease company ELP will hand over one machine in Q1 2023. 

IGE Bahn wants to provide reliable transport services in plannable time slots. To meet this challenge on heavily overloaded main routes, the operator has opted for the EuroDual from ELP.  The dual-mode machine can be used for all types of transport, making it possible for IGE Bahn to expand its services portfolio.

Railcolor Design will be responsible for the styling of the locomotive – it will be part of IGE Bahn’s “Jim Knopf” (Jim Button) storyline (here, here, and here), based on the books of Michael Ende. The EuroDual will tell the story of the “Schein-Riese”, also known as Mister Tur Tur, the illusionary giant. The further he moves away from you, the taller he gets! To be continued.

Artist impression ELP Eurodual for IGE Bahn