[DE] IRSI, Transrail and IGE: 482 047 in Jim Knopf design [updatedx2]

For several years now, IGE from Germany and IRSI/Transrail from Switzerland are working together, running international trains connecting Germany and Switzerland. This relation has now become visible after locomotive 482 047, which was recently overhauled and repainted in Bellinzona, has re-appeared in a new dark red design:

Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr (IGE) is a German rail transport company specialized in railway logistics and (special) rail freight transport. However, you may also the company for its ad-hoc charter trains, including nostalgic train services. Recently, the operator became partner of Flixitrain.

IRSI > IGE 482 047 in Schwetzingen – 19.09.2020 – Brian Beckmann
IRSI > IGE 482 047 in Winterthur – 04.10.2020 – Georg Trüb

When looking at the locomotives branded by IGE – we see a carefully implemented, step-by-step approach. Earlier, IGE has released Green Cargo (TRAXX AC2) and Railpool locomotives (TRAXX AC2 and AC3) with specific GE designs.  The ‘Jim Button’ / ‘Jim Knopf’ design-theme of 482 047 has been used before as you can see below:

Railpool > IGE 187 315 in February 2020 – IGE
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