[CH] In the picture: “Franzie” and two SBBCI locomotives


Vectron 193 930, a.k.a. “Franz” is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. It was only a few weeks ago when we saw it in Sweden (and Denmark). Now the machine is back in the Alps, in Switzerland to be more precise.

193 930 appears once again on our radar. This time the loco was running as part of an impressive Swiss trio, featuring Vectrons 193 470 and 527 of SBB Cargo International. Notice that all three locos have their pantos up:

193 930 of Siemens Mobility, together with 193 470 & 193 527 of SBB Cargo Internaitonal in Hornussen (CH) © Steffen Tröndle

The breathtaking sight above, featuring freight service 97423, took place in Hornussen (CH). Reportedly, the focus was on load tests and the tractive effort with soapy water.

To find out more details about the loco, its recent trip to Scandinavia, plus an explanation of its name and all the logos on it, check out the article below:

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