[CH] New stickers for BLS Cargo Vectrons no. 406 and 407

BLS Cargo is rolling out its new corporate identity (CI). A new version of its logo is gradually being introduced on rolling stock. Two abstract green mountains, in combination with the new BLS Cargo logo, have found their place on the side of several locomotives.

Pictures by Theo Stolz

Now also the recently delivered Vectrons 475 406 and 407 received stickers in line with the new CI. The theme picture and slogan are identical to those applied on the 475 401-405, delivered in 2016, but the details are different. The green mountains and BLS logo are new in the right bottom corner. The BLS Cargo logos applied on both cabs are now placed on a lime green background.

406 and 407 were transferred from the factory in Munich to Spiez on 01/02.08.2017, both did not have logos nor stickers on their sides. The new stickers were applied in Spiez.

Three locomotive types, three designs
It is the third new wrapping introduced lately by BLS Cargo with the new CI. Locomotive 465 001 got a illustrated design commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Loetschberg Base tunnel. The livery of 485 005 was changed by replacing the ‘Connecting Europe’ markings by stickers showing a mountain trench.

BLS Cargo 475 406 at Spiez on 13.08.2017 – Photo: Theo Stolz
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