[NL] Special Nightjet ESC train from Austria to Amsterdam (updated)

It is a little pre-taste of the soon-to-be Nightjet train service. Overnight Vincent Bueno, who will be representing Austria during the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, traveled by train from Vienna to Amsterdam. The color-matching ÖBB 1116 195 took the train from Vienna to Cologne, where ELL> NS 193 766 took over. 

We greatly thank Dominik Pauli, Martin Morkowsky, Rob Dammers, Justin Van Kempen for their beautiful pictures. Together they show the train in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands:

ÖBB 1116 195 with NJ 19790 in Vienna on 08.05.2021 – Dominik Pauli
ELL > NS 193 766 with train 13412 in Cologne on 08.05.2021 – Martin Morkowsky
ELL > NS 193 766 with train 13412 in Zevenaar (NL) on 09.05.2021 – Rob Dammers

On the morning of 09.05.2021 the train arrived in Amsterdam, which will be the end station for this future Nightjet-service. However, for Vincent Bueno this was not very practical. The ESC takes place in Rotterdam so he will have to continue traveling south:

Gestern sind wir mit dem #Nightjet losgefahren um Vincent Bueno klimafreundlich zum Eurovision Song Contest zu bringen….
Posted by Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) on Sunday, May 9, 2021

09.05.2021, later in the day, the train on its way back, in Arnhem:

ELL > NS 193 766 in Arnhem (NL) on 09.05.2021 – Justin Van Kempen