[DE] 248 001: Railsystems RP starts using Vectron Dual Mode [updatedx2]

Just before Christmas, on 21.12.2020, Railsystems RP picked up 248 001 in Munich. Various photographers have caught the locomotive with their camera:

Railsystems RP 248 001 on 27.12.2020 in Neudietendorf – Frank Thomas

Remarkable: The big Vectron text on the sides of 001 has been replaced by a more modest version to make place for the Railsystems RP-name. All is still in line with Siemens’ original design.

Sebastian Bollmann sent in 248 001 in action in diesel mode, together with 151 079 and a wood train northbound to Brake (Unterweser):

Railsystems RP 248 001 with 151 079 on 30.12.2020 near Heisede – Sebastian Bollmann

Stephan Penk documented 248 001 together with RP 151 079 on 31.12.2020. Below an image of the locos with an empty wood train from Brake southbound on the Nord-Süd Strecke near Siedlung Leinetal between Freden and Kreiensen:

Railsystems RP 248 001 and 151 079 with an empty wood train near Siedlung Leinetal – 31.12.2020 – Stephan Penk

Meanwhile – SETG has been testing 248 001.

For comparison, the same locomotive in February 2020:

Vectron Dual Mode 248 001, together with 248 002 running together at the T1 test circuit in Wegberg-Wildenrath 04.02.2020 Photo: Wolfgang Scheer