[UK] GWR 802: The nation says thank you [video]

Three teenagers from the UK recently created a unique livery for one of Great Western Railway (GWR)’s Class 802 bi-mode multiple units. The special design was officially unveiled on 02.07.2020.

Aitäh, Tack, Hvala, Multimesc, Gracias… – these are just some of the Words of gratitude in a total of 116 different languages spoken across the GWR network that will be adorning the Hitachi-built ‘AT300’ 802 020. All of them follow a common theme named ‘The nation says thank you’ – thanking key workers for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: GWR

The special livery was designed to convey this message, following a social media train livery competition that was won by three teenagers:

  • Sam Smith, 13, from Gloucestershire, suggested the words ‘The nation says thank you’;
  • Sam Moorey, 15, from Newton Abbot, proposed saying ‘thank you’ in different languages;
  • and Ned Thompson, 16, of Guildford, crafted the overall design of the livery.

The noble project was co-funded by rolling stock leasing company, Eversholt Rail, and Intercity Express Train manufacturer Hitachi Rail.

Photo credit: GWR

To ensure diversity, GWR worked with local authorities and NHS trusts, representing different communities across the network. And the end result is remarkable: The livery features 109 speech bubbles, using 116 languages from at least 166 countries.

Livery application

There is no better way of showing a livery application process than with a timelapse:

A special timing

The presentation of the livery was specially organized mere days before UK took part in one final ‘NHS clap’ on Sunday 5 July to applaud all those who have helped through the pandemic. The video below shows just that:

Judging the competition

In its press release, GWR shares that the ‘design a special train livery’ competition was judged by Railway Historian and broadcaster Tim Dunn, who admits it was a tough task settling on the final design:

“Everyone is incredibly grateful to those key workers, including the railway family, who have been working tirelessly to help us through the pandemic.” – Tim Dunn

Photo credit: GWR

GWR and the Covid-19 pandemic

GWR continues to remind customers to do all they can to follow social distancing guidance. As well as wearing a face covering, planning ahead, and avoiding peak travel times where possible, customers are urged to buy tickets online, on a smart card, or by using the GWR’s own smartphone application.

Photo credit: GWR

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